TS Asia Belle shows off her perfect body

TS Asia Belle is a super cute girl standing 5’8″ with all the curves. She looks impeccable while getting fucked and sucking dick. She loves to go on nature walks, especially out in the woods. She loves to draw and paint. She says since she’s a Sagittarius, her most sacred body part is her hips. You can imagine what she can do with those. TS Asia Belle dreams of going cliff jumping, but is afraid of heights. We’ll see if she ever fulfills that dream.

As per usual, we like to start the new year with a statement, showing some of our favourite models and it would be hard to beat TS Asia Belle. This Shemale is an utterly fabulous model – stunning looks, always perfect makeup and hair, a cracking body with nice curves, lean and smooth, and stunning boobs with those oh so gorgeous nipples. A great performer, with the personality that matches her looks – and has became a favourite to shoot amongst our producers. Enjoy more at Grooby Girls !

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