Sexy Black Shemale Angelina

Sexy Black Shemale Angelina plays with her cock until she cums 🙂

Sexy Black Shemale Angelina Sexy Black Shemale Angelina

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Shemale Superstar Olivia Love

Shemale Superstar Olivia Love Shemale Superstar Olivia Love

The always beautiful Olivia Love stopped by the TranSexDomination dungeon to help break in our newest slave, Zakk. She puts him through the paces . . . starting with foot worship and working up her leg to her incredible cock. After proper oral servitude she rewards him with the honor of eating her ass. Once she feels he has learned this lesson she secures him in the stock yoke and proceeds to break in his virgin ass. Watch as his face grimaces and he struggles to handle the ass assault! Zakk is lucky to have a beautiful tranny like Olivia break him in!


Horny Asian Shemale Nana

Horny Asian Shemale Nana Horny Asian Shemale Nana

I know you’re distracted by the beauty above, but let me tell you about her. This is Nana from Shemale Japan and her cock is to die for! I’m waiting for some bio information about her, but I mean, what do you need to know that you can’t figure out by looking at her picture? Nana is HOT and she has a great cock. I think that’s all you need to know! Yum Yum for the Nana!

Shemale Devon Delirium

Punk-gothic shemale is not something that you can see every day, but from The United States came Devon Delirium and already became Girl Of The Month at Shemale Yum! It is no surprise since this soft, pale-skinned beauty looks realy natural and not as extreme as you can expect from gothic look followers. Her natural breasts are just starting to develop and that smooth shaved cock and ass are edible items for sure. Devon is shemale webcam host and spends lot of time performing live online but was a bit nervous during this shot, just wanting to deliver the best she can

Shemale Devon Delirium

Morgan Bailey tells Danny to be careful what he wishes for

Morgan Bailey tells Danny to be careful what he wishes for Morgan Bailey tells Danny to be careful what he wishes for

Back on Transexdomination, After some intense making out Morgan Bailey is ready to feel Danny’s big cock in her ass . .. but he ahas other plans. He asks her to top him for a change. She laughs and calls him a pussy, reminding him that he has never been able to take it and always pulls away. He whips out a sexy little bondage yoke and asks her to tie him down and do it NO MATTER WHAT HE SAYS when it is happening.

Morgan decides to grant his fantasy with one last chance to back out. He says he wants to do it so she ties him down and works her cock into his tight virgin ass. He squirms and tells her he has changed his mind but she just gives him a couple hard spanks to shut him up and reminds him that she warned him and now she is GOING TO follow through on the fantasy no matter what…

Black Shemale Sasha

Black Shemale Sasha

It’s was Tom’s fortune and my loss, when I was meant to shoot Sasha I couldn’t get a hotel room in SF that weekend and took off home early, passing the shoot to him.

Sasha contacted me asking if she could be on the site a few months back – of course, after seeing the pics we jumped at the chance.

She’s a cute 19 yr old, girl, still in school and enjoying life.

Check her out.

P.K. Vegas’ info:

Asia Lee is a great girl who was originally featured under the name Sasha a couple years ago. She has an exotic look that has been further accentuated with the addition of her new 36DD boobs. The extra size on top balances out perfectly with her shapely ass and “extra size” in her uncut cock.

She is a legitimate 9″ and this girl gets hard easily during shoots. She is a total top and loves to have her cock sucked. She resides in San Francisco but travels to Vegas fairly often.

Shemale Mistress Astrid Shay

Mistress Astrid asks her sub if he is worthy of worshiping her body. He stands in fearful silence knowing that any response could lead to an outburst from his mistress . . . He is right, but unfortunately she also is unwilling to accept silence. She applies the crop to his chest, thighs, calves, feet, and even his cock and then asks again. This time he is quick to reply! Once she is satisfied that he is truly a willing submissive she rewards him with a taste of her thick cock followed by a rapid fire fucking that has him reeling from its sheer aggression and writhing from its pleasure! Are you Worthy? Mistress Astrid wants to know

Shemale Mistress Astrid Shay Shemale Mistress Astrid Shay

Khloe Hart’s skirt

Khloe Hart’s skirt

I don’t know if anyone else out there is an ‘upskirt’ fan, but I love shots like this! Especially when it a fine Shemale like Khloe Hart! There’s something very erotic about knowing a girl is walking around with a nice secret under her skirt… If you can’t tell, these are a couple more pictures from Khloe’s photoshoot on TranSex Domination from a few posts ago with the tight red PVC skirt! Just imagine Khloe walking in front of you and bending over to give you a glimpse of her goods… got that picture? Maybe you’ll join me as an upskirt fan now!

Khloe Hart’s skirt

Khloe Hart Has Some Mirror Fun on Shemale Yum

Khloe Hart Has Some Mirror Fun on Shemale Yum

C’mon, admit it… if you looked this good, you’d be checking yourself out in the mirror all day too! Heck, I’d probably spend most of my time in bed just exploring my own body if I had the curves and smooth skin of Shemale Superstar Khloe Hart!

This was probably a fun shoot for Shemale Yum. I don’t know what it is about mirrors but I love shots like this with the model’s reflection staring back out of a mirror. Maybe it’s just that there’s twice the fun in one picture that makes me like shots like this. Whatever it is, I could stare at Khloe Hart all day long and never get tired of her. She is one hot and foxy Shemale and it appears she thinks so too!

Khloe Hart Has Some Mirror Fun on Shemale Yum

Shemale Julia Reeds

I contacted Julia Reeds through Myspace after seeing some clips she had done on her own. Very funny and very hot stuff. She was in LA visiting so we got together for a shoot. She’s fantastic! Long legs, sweet ass and incredibly horny. Her dirty talk alone is enough to get a man off. We had a lot of fun. A sexy southern belle

Blonde Shemale Julia Reeds

Hello Friends and Visitors! I am JuLiA ReeDS, a SUPER SEXY pre-op Transsexual Adult Entertainer and Writer from Austin, Texas. I have been living full time as a ‘woman’ for 5 years now, and am happy with the decision to transition. I have been to college- I have two MA degrees-, I have traveled extensively, lived in foreign countries, climbed mountains, swam in oceans, fallen in and out of love, been hit by a car, and most recently, began working as an adult film actress. I certainly never imagined becoming an adult film actress a few years ago, but I have always had a sense of adventure, and am happier now than ever before. Besides acting and modeling, I am also working on an informative and erotic TG Ezine- inTerSex which is NOW available!. So, welcome, relax, kick back, leave a message, post your pics, state your mind, share your feelings, show your support, or just look at the HOT SeXXXy photos and videos… xoxo…JuLiA ReeDS….