Bianca Belle gets fucked on Shemaleyum

Bianca Belle gets fucked on Shemaleyum . This brunette Shemale babe knows how to suck a cock before she gets the cock into her Shemale Ass . Shemale Bianca is Really a cute Tgirl next door type from the Bronx who seemed to pop up out of nowhere! She’s 5’4″ and 115 lbs with a sexy little butt. She’s only 21 yrs old and is a student learning fashion design. Click here to see the full Gallery from Shemaleyum

Bianca Belle gets fucked on Shemaleyum
Bianca Belle gets fucked on Shemaleyum

Armani from Shemaleyum

Armani from Shemaleyum Armani from Shemaleyum

The first set were taken quite a while ago of this very popular girl. She’s since had a breast job and we’ll be showing them very soon.

Update March 2003 – the all new Armani with the BIGGER look in this awesome set by Vegas B!

Update 2009 – Whatever happened to Armani? I thought for sure we’d be seeing a lot more of her.

November 2009 – Armani is an amazingly beautiful girl. We have known each other for a long time here in Vegas but this was our first shoot together. She is the ultimate professional and her posing is amazing. She has appeared in mainstream magazines like Maxim and on several major TV shows as well. Despite this fame she has always been a “down to earth girl” JOIN ARMANI AT SHEMALEYUM

Armani from Shemaleyum Armani from Shemaleyum

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Beautiful Japanese Shemale Usagi

Beautiful Japanese Shemale Usagi Beautiful Japanese Shemale Usagi

I think our newest Japanese shemale will be one of the hottest stars of 2009. Usagi is stunning; half Japanese and half Filipino with long slender legs and a cock that won’t quit! This mix gives her an adorable face and curves in all the right places.

Usagi appreciates men who are not controlling and can fuck her good. She is not shy in denying her interests in having any SRS surgery, the reason being she definitely does “not want to lose a thing that feels as good as my cock”!

I can`t wait to see this newhalf t-babe shines on the world-wide stage! Check her out on Shemale Japan!

Mariana Cordoba

The hugely popular but hard to find Mariana Cordoba made her larger than life, presence known on the internet last year and it’s taking us that long to secure a proper shoot from her. I’ve had numerous requests to get this model and I’m happy to present her to you.

23yrs old and normally based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. None of these photos have been manipulated and as far as I know, she hasn’t done anything to increase the size of her cock unlike some Brazilian models. More at Shemaleyum

Mariana Cordoba Mariana Cordoba stroking

There’s Shemales, and there’s Massive Shemales, but there’s only one Mariana Cordoba! This babe got the biggest shemale cock on this planet. Mariana got a visit from her friend Nicole Montero last year, and Nicole made this set of hot pictures directly from Italy! I guess Mariana loves Italy and the hot italians, and since italians love big salamis, they are happy to feast on that huge shemale cock!See more of Mariana Cordoba at Shemaleyum

Mariana Cordoba in Red Nylons Big Cock Shemale Mariana Cordoba

Fabulous Brunette Transexual Totally Can’t Wait For Her Fucking

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Stunning shemale Brazilian Lorena made me firm as a rock, when I discovered her web-page last night. She had the most fabulous body, and I was eager to watch her get out of her slutty red dress. When you check out her sexy legs and ravishing shemale dick, you’ll have a huge woody. This babe has such a marvelous thick bottom, I wish I could get a taste. I just can’t stop dreaming about this spectacular Latina shemale.


Undressing And Masturbating With A Nasty Little Shemale Hottie

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I was salivating through the camera at this voluptuous naughty shemale last night, and she just couldn’t wait to peel off her clothes. Alexa was dying to peel herself out of her business outfit, revealing her petite lovely titties and astounding nipples. Then, I lost it as she exhibited her firm plump rump and smooth sexy legs. You’d be astonished by the vision of her impeccable shemale dick. She is definitely the greatest babe I’ve ever encountered.


Stunning Sweetie Shemale Demands Hefty Action

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I was surfing the web the other night, when I encountered the most lovely hottie shemale and became instantaneously turned on. Her big firm knockers and puffy hard nipples made me salivate for hours. You’ll unquestionably shit yourself when you check her crazy plump rear and delightful silky sweet legs. She’ll have you standing at attention in a instant, with the vision of her magnetic shemale dick. The memory of this stunning babe will stay locked up in my vault of aspirations forever.


Horny African Tgirl Hottie Feels Naughty

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It’s tough to accept that this gorgeous african shemale ever let me do this. She giggles as she sets about sensuously getting exposed in front of me. She makes me really stiff when she licks those cherry lips perfectly. I could spend all day, licking on those perfect nipples. I know you will just go nuts over these fabulous photos of Pocahontas, Especially when you remember how wicked naughty this babe is.


Beautiful Brazilian Tgirl Gets Off On Her Dildo

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OK there’s this beautiful Latina shemale next door named Benz who doesn’t have a boyfriend, but she’s got lots of toys. She starts feeling really excited while she gives me details about her first night fucking herself silly with her new friend. It only takes a little rubbing and teasing to get this babe revved up. Soon, she took out her huge sex toy and set about working it down her throat. As she got loosened up, she also started jacking off her throbbing shemale dick. For real, I almost fainted when she came through with a bunch of shots for me.