TS Izzy Baker in black Lingerie and Stockings

Introduced to the world two weeks ago by Shawn, gorgeous TS Izzy Baker is without a doubt one of the hottest Grooby Newbies to make her debut recently! This girl is stunning! It seems you loved Izzy’s debut scene too and we are not surprised! This Saturday, Izzy is back for more! Looking gorgeous again, Izzy can’t wait to start playing with her cock! Watch her posing, stripping and stroking her cock until she reaches orgasm! TS IzzyBaker  is a sweet and ambitious soul who knows what she wants out of life, especially after recent changes in her life. She’s professional, yet determined to please and would love nothing more than to attract your gaze as she bares herself. No stranger to role playing or being in front of a camera, Izzy is as naughty as you want her to be. More only at Grooby Girls ! Izzy Baker is a stunning beauty from Ohio. Bedroom eyes, great legs, creamy skin she is a real keeper for sure. She loves to role-play and also enjoys being in front of the camera. Ask her what you like as there is a good chance this sexy girl will be willing to try.

Shemale Izzy Baker in black Lingerie and Stockings TS Izzy Baker

Thick TS Tati Toxica strips and strokes

Just where to start on TS Tati Toxica ? Do you want to start by licking and sucking on her toes before slowly making your way up her legs to her thighs and what lies above? Or do you want to start with those full pink lips and gaze into her dark eyes as you kiss deeply, moving to her neck, to those swollen brown nipples down to her pierced naval and then taking her whole Shemale cock into your mouth, sucking it sensuously? Or maybe you want to lie back and let her squat over your face, letting you nuzzle on her smooth balls before she sits on your face and rides her sweet hole over your mouth and wet protruding tongue? Feasting on TS Tati Toxica is a buffet experience and you will come back for more. Enjoy more at Grooby Girls

Shemale Tati Toxica got a super hot thick body, with thighs that could crack a walnut between them, nice plump ass, and some wonderful boobs with enlarged brown nipples ready for sucking.

Tati is 26 and loves being the centre of attention. She was excited to do the shoot and it shows, as she displays her smooth butt, with the crack showing through the ‘crotchless’ panties – and then without them, for the full moon.

A little dildo play, and Tati is loving feeling naughty, and her exhibitionism heightens her need for sex.

TS Paige Turner gets her ass fucked at Grooby Girls

TS Paige Turner is back. Fresh from her TEA nominations, Paige is determined to hit the stratosphere this year; that’s why we brought out the big gun Chris Epic. TS Paige Turner is playing coy with a lingerie print t-shirt, but she doesn’t disappoint, because what’s under is every bit as exciting as you want. This one’s got it all: closeup oral, ass eating, riding, pounding, mating press, and it all ends with a facial you’re going to love. Paige is just getting started and we can’t wait to see how far she’ll go! See more at Grooby Girls

TS Natalie Carnot gets fucked at Grooby Girls

TS Natalie Carnot just debuted earlier this month, and we had to rush Natalie Carnot back in for a hardcore as we were so impressed by her looks, her energy and her sex appeal. The Californian cutie is getting the full Chris Epic experience – and after warming up with a few solo photos, she’s ready to start making out with some deep kisses, followed by an even deeper blow job as she savors and sucks on Chris’s cock. Soon Chris is entering that sweet, willing asshole and being drawn deep into her as they embark on an awesome fucking session in multiple positions. A great scene, with loads of sexual tension and energy. see more from TS Natalie Carnot at GroobyGirls !

Shemale Lusinda Devine fucks her Fleshlight

Horny Shemale Lusinda Devine is back for another solo scene! Lusinda loves experimenting with different fetishes, especially if that’s going to please her fans! She looks so hot in that sexy fetish PVC outfit! Lusinda is smart, she loves all genders and she loves to have fun! She brought her fleshlight with her so she can show us on camera the way she plays on her own when she feels horny! She’s stunning! Enjoy the free Previews of Shemale Lusinda Devine here at my Shemaleyum Blog before you take the free Tour over at Shemale Yum (GroobyGirls)!

TS Lusinda Devine fucks her Fleshlight lusinda-devine.shemale-fleshlight-1 lusinda-devine.shemale-fleshlight-2 lusinda-devine.shemale-fleshlight-3 lusinda-devine.shemale-fleshlight-4 lusinda-devine.shemale-fleshlight-5

Lusinda Devine fucks her Fleshlight at Shemaleyum

TS Chanel Noir shows her perfect Body at Grooby Girls

TS Chanel Noir is another one of our all-time favorites returns on Grooby Girls to celebrate our 25th Anniversary! The one and only TS Chanel Noir is back for the first time in a while and as always – we are delighted to welcome gorgeous Chanel back! Looking absolutely stunning, Shemale Chanel Noir wishes Grooby a Happy Birthday, then strips, shows off her perfect ass and strokes her cock until she gives us an amazing cumshot!

TS Chanel Noir shows her perfect Body at Grooby Girls


TS Brooklyn Roberts shows off her hard cock

It’s TS Brooklyn Roberts’ Show or it’s Brooklyn Roberts showing it all! This tall, slim starlet starts by showing off her hot body in a tight, figure hugging cocktail dress, and is soon down to her pretty pink lingerie, which is held aside to show that smooth, hot asshole. Brooklyn’s cock seems constantly hard. I don’t know where she hides it, but man, it’s out of it’s cage, it’s frankly huge and it’s rock hard and ready to do some damage. An awesome shoot, and we’re hoping to see a lot more of TS Brooklyn Roberts over this year! See more at GroobyGirls

TS Asia Belle shows off her perfect body

TS Asia Belle is a super cute girl standing 5’8″ with all the curves. She looks impeccable while getting fucked and sucking dick. She loves to go on nature walks, especially out in the woods. She loves to draw and paint. She says since she’s a Sagittarius, her most sacred body part is her hips. You can imagine what she can do with those. TS Asia Belle dreams of going cliff jumping, but is afraid of heights. We’ll see if she ever fulfills that dream.

As per usual, we like to start the new year with a statement, showing some of our favourite models and it would be hard to beat TS Asia Belle. This Shemale is an utterly fabulous model – stunning looks, always perfect makeup and hair, a cracking body with nice curves, lean and smooth, and stunning boobs with those oh so gorgeous nipples. A great performer, with the personality that matches her looks – and has became a favourite to shoot amongst our producers. Enjoy more at Grooby Girls !

TS Beatrix Doll fucked at Grooby Girls

We’ve only seen TS Beatrix Doll feature in her solo debuts on Bob’s TGirls thus far – and when she came back in for this shoot, she could have easily been mistaken for new girl. Brand new big boobs with the really different haircut and transformed Beatrix from a girl next door, to a fully charged vixen. Rob Yeager hasn’t appeared for a while – and this is a really great, super sexually charged scene that showcases them both. Lot’s of oral action before some really hot penetration. See more only at Grooby Girls !

TS Beatrix Doll describes herself as a doll who travels around and gets fucked by everyone. She’s a traveling fuck doll, which plays into the meaning of her name “Beatrix.” She stands 5’10” and has cute, small feet, and a perfect, huge, round shemale ass. She loves punk music and enjoys going in mosh pits, where she gets rowdy. Sexually, she’s versatile. She loves to both top and bottom in missionary. She loves to dominate when it comes to BDSM.

TS Ayesha Green gets her Ass fucked at Grooby Girls

Introduced to the world back in October with a couple of super hot solo scenes, sexy and horny TS Ayesha Green is back on Grooby Girls today! This time, Ayesha returns to make her HC debut and we just can’t wait to see this hottie in some sizzling hardcore action! She’s about to get that sweet ass of hers fucked! Watch her enjoying every moment as Soldier Boi pounds her tight hole!

TS Ayesha Green is a trans woman from Chicago who loves music festivals, make up, and dancing. She works in night life as an exotic dancer and shot girl. You can tell from her looks she has a very kinky side and rarely will say her safe word in the bedroom. 5”11, long brown hair, and gorgeous green eyes. She’s no stranger when it comes to getting intimate, but this is her first debut in the adult entertainment industry. She’s been told she gives amazing oral sex and is always looking to please her master.

TS Ayesha Green gets her Ass fucked at Grooby Girls TS Ayesha Green gets her Ass fucked at Grooby Girls TS Ayesha Green gets her Ass fucked at Grooby Girls

TS Ayesha Green Hardcore at GroobyGirls