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The sexy Asian Ladyboy Dada is one petite, stunning girl who just loves stripping down and stroking off her Shemale cock over at Ladyboy-Ladyboy. I’m sure that Members there were happy to have her back in action recently, looking cute in her black, bandage lingerie and fishnet stockings, along with those signature thick-rimmed glasses. Asian Ladyboy Dada may not be one of those girls that loves to wear towering high heels on Ladyboy-Ladyboy, but those kitten heels that she is wearing here do look just perfect on her. Wouldn’t you love to be right behind Ladyboy Dada as she spreads her ass wide with her soft hands, and slide your hard cock right into that lovely ass of hers? I’m sure that Ladyboy Dada is one girl that you could ride all night long and weel into the morning too! Take a Look at the free Preview Pictures of Ladyboy Dada here at the Shemaleyum Blog before you take the free Tour at Ladyboy Ladyboy !

The Sexiest And Sweetest Shemales From Brazil To Thailand

The Sexiest And Sweetest Shemales From Brazil To Thailand The Sexiest And Sweetest Shemales From Brazil To Thailand

If you are into stunning Shemales then Frank’s Tgirl World is the shemale website that you should check out! This exclusive website scours the full planet, from Brazil to Thailand just to give us the prettiest and sexiest Shemales on Earth! Here, feast your eyes on a naughty Filipino shemale named Emily, armed with a raunchy smile and a tight slim Asian body! This cute little thing has a great booty, round and perky, which really goes well with her large round boobs and impressive Asian she-boner! See this gorgeous hottie smile while playing with her boobs and boner in these sizzling teaser pictures! Download her full set of pics and get access to more fabulous shemale babes from the West and throughout the East when you sign up!

Thin Redhead Asian Ladyboy Begs To Get Laid

This slim redhead ladyboy was the most aggressive sweetie I’d ever fucked with. Her name was Ink and she looked simply stunning in that tiny schoolgirl outfit of hers. I almost jizzed in my pants when she started showing me how to finger her tight ass just the way she liked it. I couldn’t stop slobbering all over those exquisite boobs of hers either. If you like to see attractive Asian ladyboys of all shapes and types, come check out Franks T-Girl World.


Thin Redhead Asian Ladyboy Begs To Get Laid Thin Redhead Asian Ladyboy Begs To Get Laid

Beautiful Japanese Shemale Usagi

Beautiful Japanese Shemale Usagi Beautiful Japanese Shemale Usagi

I think our newest Japanese shemale will be one of the hottest stars of 2009. Usagi is stunning; half Japanese and half Filipino with long slender legs and a cock that won’t quit! This mix gives her an adorable face and curves in all the right places.

Usagi appreciates men who are not controlling and can fuck her good. She is not shy in denying her interests in having any SRS surgery, the reason being she definitely does “not want to lose a thing that feels as good as my cock”!

I can`t wait to see this newhalf t-babe shines on the world-wide stage! Check her out on Shemale Japan!

Japanese Shemale beauty Nana

Japanese Shemale beauty Nana Japanese Shemale beauty Nana

That pouty Japanese beauty Nana is strutting on Shemale Japan with her cock dangling out. She doesn’t talk much, but she really doesn’t need to, she lets that meat train of hers do all the talking. It’s surprising that Nana doesn’t dress full-time because she’s one of the most passable girls on the site. She’s feminine and has long slender legs and knows how to shake her ass to make men go crazy.

Horny Asian Shemale Nana

Horny Asian Shemale Nana Horny Asian Shemale Nana

I know you’re distracted by the beauty above, but let me tell you about her. This is Nana from Shemale Japan and her cock is to die for! I’m waiting for some bio information about her, but I mean, what do you need to know that you can’t figure out by looking at her picture? Nana is HOT and she has a great cock. I think that’s all you need to know! Yum Yum for the Nana!

Horny Shemales Ready to Please You on IMLive

1Horny Shemales Ready to Please You on IMLive!

I was tossing and turning in bed last night, so I got up and decided to watch some television to help me fall back asleep. I felt unsatisfied and tired, so I went on the computer and decided to release some energy (if you know what I mean) on IMLive to help me relax.

I ended up spending hours on the site with some HOT and willing trannies, like TsSweetTits4u. As you can see, she really lives up to her screenname. I found that a lot of the girls are willing to do a lot of things as long you spend time with them. So you can spend your time with one girl or get your fill of different girls!

Needless to say, I went to bed happy that night. So if you need something to help you relax and get to bed (or maybe you’re just curious to see all the hot shemales), check out IMLive. It’s FREE to sign up and there are TONS of shemales to keep you company and entertain you on those long sleepless nights.

Horny Shemales Ready to Please You on IMLive!

Lillian from Shemaleyum

Lillian from Shemaleyum

You may have seen Lillian Le on other websites but these sets in their entirity shows her off to the best. She’s a Vietnamese girl who lives in LA and is regularly at Peanuts.

While not the most stunning of the Asian TS’s that I’ve met, Lillian exudes SEX APPEAL – she is horny, dirty minded and great fun to hang out with, if a little wild at times. She likes masculine men who treat her like a girl.

Buddy Wood’s info:

Lillian is a regular fixture in the LA scene and I’ve known her for quite a few years now. She always looks fantastic, smells delicious and tastes like a sweet piece of asian pie.

I first shot her for my Asian Shemale Invasion DVD and we’ve developed a unique and special relationship over the years since then.

She likes to punch me when I see her out. I run and hide. It’s a little game we play. Good times. She’s actually a lot of fun and so incredibly hot and sexy.

Tania of Shemaleyum

Tania of Shemaleyum

This gorgeous creature has been toying with me for years about doing a real shoot, really took a lot of me dealing with this one. Finally it seemed she was really going to do a shoot for us but I wasn’t holding my breath.

Had trouble getting in touch with her and only managed to catch a glimpse of her at Cleopatra’s looking exactly like she could be a Hilton sister. Finally she called and showed up only hours before I was leaving town. This girl is something of a brat but she is sexy as hell.

These are her first public nude photos even though she did have a cameo in a gay film some years ago.

She also gave me an autographed portrait of herself, a first for me!?! See more of Tania at Shemaleyum

Asian Shemale Sayuri

Asian Shemale SayuriSayuri is a hot 21 year old tgirl from Thailand. Her parents sent her over her to get a college education. She is one of the most passable and feminine girls I have seen in awhile.
She has a very petite frame and natural shape to her hips and ass, Overall a very beautiful girl. She is versatile on occasion, but really prefers to bottom. She loves to pose in front of the camera and has done some mainstream modeling back in Thailand. In the second set she just kept changing outfits . . . she looked great in all of them.

Shemale Sayuri