Krissy from Shemaleyum

I get sample photographs of potential models or photographers selling sets through almost on a daily basis and without offence to anyone, it’s rare that something really turns me on and rarer that the set makes it to fruitation. Krissi sent a couple of photos of herself last month to me and I immediately got turned on – she looks petite, natural and with one of the most feminine bodies I’ve seen, period.

The whole set came through last week and as Girl of the Month is the girl who has turned me on most this month, she naturally took the title. The set she sent has no logical order, it’s a selection of all different types of photos of her.

Krissi is in her early 20’s and from Texas. I’m commissioning some more photos of her soon. My fave image is Krissi008 not so much because of what she’s doing but because of what is in the background.

Krissy from Shemaleyum

I’m very happy to see Krissy re-appear here after a 5 yr absence (and a few almosts!). She’s looking as great as ever – in fact, even better, she must be working out! I can take as much of Krissy as I can get.

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