Sexy Shemale Shania from Shemaleyum in Stockings

Another beauty from Tampa that I have had the privilage of shooting. This was Shania’s first shoot and she was pretty nervous. We started our first set of photos and she quickly warmed up to it.

Shania is versatile and has a fantasy of standing on a balcony looking at the view, while getting fucked from behind. (Interesting).Shania is a dancer and a performer and she showed us some of her moves on video. Shania had no problem in getting hard and provided us with a good cum shot in the second scene.

Shemaleyum presents Shemale Shania in black Stockings

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Eva Vortex

Shemale Eva Vortex in Red Latex Lingerie Sexy Blonde Fetish Shemale Eva Vortex

Eva Vortex is part African and Italian, living in London, she trained as a hairstylist and is now a full-time TS fetish model appearing in numerous UK websites and DVD’s.

She likes good food, the arts, travelling, antiques and good company.More from Eva Vortex at Shemaleyum

Recently changed her breasts size to 38FF !!!

Eva Vortex in Sheer Nylons and High Heels Eva Vortex in a black Latex Catsuit

Hi everyone!

Frequently asked questions:

1. Where do you live?

I am in London UK, but travel extensively all over (UK, Italy, Spain, Greece, France…)

2. How tall are you?

5′ 9″ without heels. But I love HIGH HEELS!

3. What is your eye colour?


4. Do you have any tattoos and piercings?

Yes I sure do, I have a few of each, in erotic zones of my body.

5. How big are your breasts?

Well, they are VERY big!!!

6. How well endowed are you?

I think it is about 8 inches, fairly thick too. Can’t you tell from the pics/vids? lol.

7. What clubs do you enjoy the most?

You can usually find me at London fetish clubs where my passion for dressing up in gorgeous rubber outfits and high heels is expressed.

8. How many languages do you know?

I speak and write Italian and English.

9. Have I seen your pics elsewere?

I have performed in some music videos, and my pictures have appeared in several fetish and XXX shemale websites. I have also featured in magazines including Mixmag, Time Out, Fluid, Dazed, Boyz, QX, Skin Two, Marquis, Bizarre, Desire and Piercing World, and in the books ‘Through the Eye of the Needle’, ‘Torture Garden’ and others.

10. How long has your website been going?

I have the site up since 2000, it has been great and seems to be very popular (thanks to everyone who has joined). It gives me the excuse to wear more rubber/latex outfits and sexy high heels, and have some really kinky fun knowing that people all over the world are watching it and loving it.

11. What clothing do you like to wear?

I love to wear sexy underwear, corsets and stockings. The materials I prefer for my outfits are lace, chiffon, rubber and latex. I have a fetish for boots and high heels too. My favourite perfume is D&G (red velvet box). I love glamour, and collect elegant vintage underwear, clothing and hats with mesh nets, hat pins, feathers and rhinestone adornments in 1900s to 1960s styles. I love the elegance of bygone eras. As all women do, I love high fashion and heels – never less than 4″ high! I have a passion for exquisite rubber/latex designer outfits.

12. What do you do in your spare time?

I like good food, the arts, theatre, opera, travelling, Japanese culture, antiques and history. I love modelling, shopping, visiting art galleries, cooking, theatre, clubbing, eating out, going to the cinema and collecting corsets and other vintage clothing/hats.

13. When did you become a TS?

I was born one!!!!!!! Wearing female clothing and make up was my way to express my femininity, I really never acted or felt male in all my life so I decided to let the girl in me, Eva, out in the open. I’ve been living and working as a girl full time for ages, and I’m really happy finally to be my true self.

14. Will you have the op?

I often get asked if I am going to go through with gender reassignment surgery, but I don’t think it’s for me. I like being a pre-op TS. I like to be different, I feel really comfortable living full time as a woman and I do get to have the best of both worlds. I am sexually versatile and live my life in a very sensual and sexual way.

Big kiss.

Eva Vortex TS Fetish pin up.