Morgan Bailey tells Danny to be careful what he wishes for

Morgan Bailey tells Danny to be careful what he wishes for Morgan Bailey tells Danny to be careful what he wishes for

Back on Transexdomination, After some intense making out Morgan Bailey is ready to feel Danny’s big cock in her ass . .. but he ahas other plans. He asks her to top him for a change. She laughs and calls him a pussy, reminding him that he has never been able to take it and always pulls away. He whips out a sexy little bondage yoke and asks her to tie him down and do it NO MATTER WHAT HE SAYS when it is happening.

Morgan decides to grant his fantasy with one last chance to back out. He says he wants to do it so she ties him down and works her cock into his tight virgin ass. He squirms and tells her he has changed his mind but she just gives him a couple hard spanks to shut him up and reminds him that she warned him and now she is GOING TO follow through on the fantasy no matter what…

Monica serves John Magnum

Monica serves John Magnum Monica serves John Magnum

John Magnum makes his first appearance on TranSexDomination and sends a strong message to the girls. He is here to dominate. To take what he wants and to leave the girls breathless and worn out. He is a big guy with a huge cock and a take charge personality. Watch as he teases and torments Monica turning her into a wanton slut . . . scared of his huge cock tearing her open . . . but so desperately wanting it at the same time!

He powers his thick cock into her and she goes completely insane with Pleasure / Pain. Watch as she writhes around out of control (which works well since he is not interested in her having any control anyway) until she busts a HUGE cum shot followed by him popping all over her tits.

Mistress Jules Teases You with Some Lotion and her Sexy Toes

TranSexDomination is the best site to see some of your favorite fetishes and your favorite girls!

For example, today TranSexDomination had a solo update with Mistress Jules.

Mistress Jules sure knows how to shock a guy. At the beginning of her shoot, she tells photographer PK Vegas about the punishment canes of her native home in Thailand. Without missing a beat, she then pulls out her own personal cane and says she won’t hesitate to use it if she’s not satisfied.

If there’s one thing Mistress Jules loves more than her cane, it’s her feet. She has soft skin and slender toes that you just want to suck on. She sits before the camera and demands you worship her in her high heeled boots and when she slips them off, you’re putty in her hands.

But she’s not done teasing you yet. She sensually applies lotion to her feet, and when she sees how excited you get, she begins to stroke herself in front of you. She does not allow you to touch her–you haven’t earned the right. “Next time,” she says, “maybe next time you’ll be worthy enough.”