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Did you ever think you had a crappy job, just to discover you were incorrect? Let me tell you about what happened to me. I got a job as a bellboy in a hotel in Vegas last summer and fuck, was it a pain in the ass. After a few weeks, I couldn’t take the bullshit anymore and went to talk to my boss, Jennica about resigning. Jennica is a bad ass blonde shemale with perky boobs who I’ve always wanted to nail. She started stripping her clothes off and giving me head as soon as I walked into the office. Once that happened, I went to resign at least four times a month!


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So I was chatting with a buddy of mine yesterday and she was spilling her guts to me about the drama she’s dealing with. I’ve known Jessica for a long time now, enough to know that even though she’s super cute, she doesn’t have much luck with dating. The loser she’s with now wants her to get bigger implants, but she and I both think her boobs are lovely just how they are. Her cock is unbeatable as well. This dumb ass must be crazy to not want to fuck this shemale. I know Jessica will get someone new before long!


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It matters not what you think, you just can’t handle a girl this crazy. Jessica adores cock. She loves teasing guys and she loves being watched. She’s got long hair and a pair of the sweetest tits I’ve ever seen. She sits on her bed and jacks off her huge rod. Her wang gets harder and harder until she finally shoots jizz all over the place. Jessica can’t wait until the next time we hook up, and I bet you can’t either!


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Jessica has some crazy fantasies in her head. We were chatting the other night after she called me drunk. This is always the best time to get information out of people, so I asked her what her nastiest fuck fantasy was. She came back at me with all kinds of kinky shit! She told me that sometimes when she jacks off, she stuffs a dildo in her butt and pretends she’s being gang drilled by three or four guys. Jessica also enjoys squeezing her tiny boobs together as she shoots her load!


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I went to the store with my wife a couple days ago. We were hitting all the regular places and all, but I was just watching hotties. My attention focused on this one African shemale I saw checking out some sunglasses. When my girl went into the changing room, I went and kicked it with her. Her name was Jessica and she asked me to write down her number. She has wonderful boobs and a pretty face, but what did it for me was her kinky blonde hair. Jesica is just amazing!


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I got this buddy who roams all over the place, traveling with the ren fair. Every time he comes back to the USA, he’s got a hard drive full of hardcore photos to show me. In Thailand, he hooked up with this one really cute ladyboy named Jessie and took her for a walk in the woods. Fuck, the frame on this chick is just incredible. Her small perky titties are the best around and her booty is round and bouncy. She sits herself down on a tree stump and starts jacking off her lovely cock. Out of all the shemales my friend has shown me, Jessie is by far the best! Who knows what he’ll show me after the next trip!


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This is shemale Juliana’s birthday and she only wants one present. Can you guess what it is? The only thing that a horny blonde shemale like this would want is a good stiff cock to suck. Luckily, she’s about to get her wish. She’s nude on the couch, squeezing her enormous juggs together and begging for some rod. It doesn’t take much begging before one is offered to her. She stuffs the whole thing down her throat and closes her eyes in ecstasy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a chick give head like this. This is simply a wonderful shemale.


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Here are some awesome pictures that I came across this afternoon. This sexy shemale named Kamely just loves showing off her hot little body for the camera. She strips her clothes and pops out her big boobs and hermassive cock. She lies back and jacks off for a minute, getting it really hard. She wishes she had a guy to pound in the butt with that huge rod of hers. Yall need to get some of this chick!


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Every now and then, I wish I hadn’t picked up the telephone. I had one of those yesterday. My buddy, Ant rang me up to let me know how his date went the other night. He met this nasty shemale babe named Kamely out at the bar a few weeks ago and finally hooked up with her. She’s got short red hair and a pair of perky boobs that Ant loves to suck on. He told me that she let him drill her in the butt and blow his wad in her mouth. I don’t know why he does this. Maybe it’s because he knows I’m not getting laid and he likes to rub it in. Asshole even gave me photos!


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Do you even remember the last time you saw a chick with a body like this? Katrina is an incredible brown haired shemale who adores the cock. It’s just too bad there’s none around tonight! Oh well, she’ll just have to make due by herself. She sits up on the bathroom sink and gets naked, showing off her perfect body. Her booty is lovely and her boobs are small, but perky. Soon, she moves into the bedroom and strokes her giant rod really slowly so you can get a good view. Man, Katrina|this chick is so sexy she just might melt your key board!|your key board!