Amythest Dark from Shemaleyum

Amythest Dark from Shemaleyum Amythest Dark from Shemaleyum

Amy is one of the few Transsexuals in Calgary Canada, as it is a real cowboy town. She is tall and leggy, has a nice sized cock as well and she has some other special talents she proceeded to show us later in the shoot. One of her favourite things is to suck her own cock, she tried to do this but couldn’t quite suck as much as usual on this day. We get to see her work on the tip with her tongue and mouth, however. Her other hobby, I soon found out, is taking large objects in her ass. Amy then produced a massive 12″ scene stealer dildo and proceeded to swallow that with her ass, sans lube! This was quite the sight to see but not unusual if you spend time with the likes of Amythest Dark. She also reports to have completed the entire Kama Sutra as a man, and now intends to repeat the process as a woman, wow .. see more at Shemaleyum

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