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I had just finished whipping my friend’s butt at darts when he begins feeding me details concerning this young African shemale he just met. He met her the other day and talked her into letting him get some shots of her lovely body. Right when they showed up at his place she was down to start undressing. She was naked within a flash and started playing with her pierced nipples. She even started inhaling his hard dick with a knowing look. I simply wish I had the same kind of good fortune as this guy.


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Ok, I can’t deny it anymore, the Reagen era is here once more. If you don’t believe me, just head out to the mall on any given day when the teenagers are out of school. All the chicks are dressed just like this naughty shemale babe named Noelia here. However, I’ll bet most of those chicks aren’t packing a huge shemale dick under their 80’s black dress. Noelia is itching to strip it off while we watch and play with those massive boobs she’s got as she strokes that stiff shemale dick.


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