Mistress Mandy Shows A New Girl The Ropes

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This gorgeous black shemale named mistress Amyiaa is trying hard to learn everything she needs as a pro dom. Too bad for her, her mentor, mistress Mandy has really high expectations. It seems no matter what this naughty black shemale does to her sub she just doesn’t get it right. Mistress Mandy is always having to punish her for things. Occasionally Mandy gives her a reward, and in the end she gets the ultimate reward. After being allowed to suck Mistress Mandy’s dick, Amyia is allowed to fuck her bitch boy while Mistress Mandy fucks her tight shemale ass!


Mistress Katie Coxx Will Find Any Excuse to Punish You

If you have the job of satisfying Mistress Katie Coxx, you’d better be damn good at it. Why? Because Mistress Katie Coxx has high expectations and has no problem punishing you if you disappoint her. Take, for example, when she drags her boy toy bitch to the dungeon for some fun time. She is very bossy and demands that he worships her beautiful ass and feet. Feeling unsatisfied, she ties him to a huge wood post and whips him relentlessly with her riding crop.

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