Blonde Shemale Yshel fucks a Guys Ass on Shemaleyum

Today here at Shemale Yum i have Latin Shemale Yshel hard fucking a Guys Ass . Yshel is a Cute Latin Shemale I found on CL awhile ago. She was a bit reluctant to get her in front of the camera but eventualy she came through. Great little body with a big booty and was rock hard throughout the shoot. Brought her back the following week for a hardcore so we have a lot to look forward to with this hot number. Click the Shemale Picture below to see more or click here if you like to date a Shemale in your Area

Blonde Shemale Yshel fucks a Guys Ass on Shemaleyum
Blonde Shemale Yshel fucks a Guys Ass on Shemaleyum

Shemale Jenessa Hart in a sexy blue Jeans

Shemale Jenessa Hart is an amazing new Shemale model from Austin Texas, who I met through a mutual friend. This was her first time modeling anywhere, but she is a natural in front of the camera. She has a sexy toned body, with a cock that gets rock hard. She likes both the top and the bottom, and this girl fucks like a porn star. She’s very excited to be on Shemale YUM, and is already asking me if she can do a hardcore set. I told her it’s up to the fans, so you guys will have to let us know if you want to see more of her! Take the free Tour on Shemale Yum

Shemale Jenessa Hart in a sexy blue Jeans Shemale Jenessa Hart in a sexy blue Jeans

Bianca Belle gets fucked on Shemaleyum

Bianca Belle gets fucked on Shemaleyum . This brunette Shemale babe knows how to suck a cock before she gets the cock into her Shemale Ass . Shemale Bianca is Really a cute Tgirl next door type from the Bronx who seemed to pop up out of nowhere! She’s 5’4″ and 115 lbs with a sexy little butt. She’s only 21 yrs old and is a student learning fashion design. Click here to see the full Gallery from Shemaleyum

Bianca Belle gets fucked on Shemaleyum
Bianca Belle gets fucked on Shemaleyum

Shemale Aly Sinclair in Latex and Fishnets

I’ve seen Aly’s images around the internet and a few members had contacted me asking if we could get a shoot out of her but it didn’t come together until Tony Vee got involved. Aly has been one of the most sucessful recent shoots and certainly appeals to those with a more fetishy angle on tgirls. She’s 24 and a cool, intelligent, nice girl from Philly. Update: In retrospect this was one of the first models to display a more punky look and alternative lifestlye, something we’ve became well known for endorsing. Aly runs a very successful website and can often be found on various website forums.

Shemale Aly Sinclair in Latex and Fishnets

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Shemaleyum Hardcore

Shemaleyum Hardcore Shemaleyum Hardcore

Lauren is an absolute doll. We had several phone conversations before we got together to shoot and she was always a joy to talk to.

When she walked in I was amazed she is far more beautiful than the pictures she initially emailed to me. She is 5’6” & 120 lbs. She is a Native American with a touch of Hispanic blood in her. She carries an 8” medicine stick and loves to top.

She was a little nervous when we began but her personality really came out as the shoot progressed. For our second set we went down into the kitchen and she put on an amazing orange dress. This girl has a body to die for. Her legs are perfect! She has a tight little mid-section and the sexiest breasts you have ever seen. I also got her to pose in a small white cooking apron and that was sexy as hell too.

Oh yea, one last thing . . .. she came in both of her scenes and said cumming several times a day is not a problem for her!See more at Shemaleyum

Hardcore Day With A Horny Thai Ladyboy

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How is one expected to keep up a clear head when there’s tons of those cute Thai ladyboys all over the place? I met this chick named Lilo at a house party a few months back and she has been giving it to me raw ever since. Once she starts to work on you with her sweet perky titties and her juicy round butt, you will helpless. This chick has got a gorgeous ladyboy dick that she loves jacking off while sucking dick.


Sweet Slutty Transexual Seduces With A Pole

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A lot of the time, I’m able to pick out a shemale from a mile away, however this chick could damn near trick me. Peggy has been dancing in a strip club for a few years now and she knows how to slide on the pole in more than one sense of the word! She’s got a light blue tube top that hardly covers up her massive melons and a little red thong that makes her juicy booty look even rounder. Once Peggy is finished giving a bar strip show for me, she starts in with some hardcore jacking off.


Be Very Careful in How You Approach Mistress Jezebel

Mistress Jezebel is a self-confessed bitch.

If a man isn’t worthy of her attentions, then she’s going to ignore you or put you in your place. So you better be very careful in how you approach her.

If you are one of the lucky few to get further with Mistress Jezebel and be invited back to her parlor, then your in for a treat. She has a long hard cock which loves a lot of attention, she’ll let you know when enough is enough by taking her hand from the back of your head.

Mistress Jezebel likes to fuck and it better be tight, she doesn’t want any bottom queens, she wants real men who are going to submit to her and come back for more and more.

In her newest hardcore set on TranSexDomination, Mistress Jezebel forces her partner to suck on her perfect breasts and massive dick, then whips him repeatedly with her leather riding crop. She’s not ready to let him experience her yet, though, and shoves a dildo in him instead. Finally, after hours of torture, she plunges into him.

The results, for us, are heavenly: