Cute Shemale Blondie on Shemaleyum

Cute Shemale Blondie on Shemaleyum Cute Shemale Blondie on Shemaleyum

Can’t say much about the originality of her name, but what you can say about Blondie’s debut on Shemale Yum this last week is that it was a cute and hot one! Shemale Blondie chose a beautiful pink mini-dress to model for her first shoot on the site, which is fitting since her favorite color is pink. I’m assuming that you can take a wild guess about how she chose her stage name… Blondie is described as a ‘…shy girl with a naughty side…’ on her biography side and something tells me that there’s a little more ‘naughty’ than ‘shy’ in this Shemale stroker’s hands. Blondie has a million dollar smile too and a perfectly long cock that she just loves to shoot hot loads from. Shemale Yum has landed themselves a real cutie-pie with Blondie in this week’s updates so come check her out!

Juliette Stray stroking for Shemaleyum

Juliette is really an amazing girl! She ranks up there as one of my favorite newcomers of 2010 thus far. Her and Mandy Mitchell came down to L.A. from San Francisco and shot with me over several days. I shot our first 2 sets for yum with her and also an amazing hardcore with her, Mandy and Amy Daly for Amy’s soon to be launched site. Ooooh weee. Check that out when it launches. Juliette is just a very cool chick. Laid back and funny, easy-going girl next door. But with a freaky streak. Tattooed and pierced. But also nerdy and cute. She’s fucking sexy as hell!! And she’s a fantastic model. She knows how to use her body. She loves to suck cock and has an ass just made for fucking…but guess what guys…she likes the ladies too!!! What more could you want. She’s great. She’s smart and sweet but nasty and very into…everything it seems. Juliette Stray is definitely here to stay.

Juliette Stray stroking for Shemaleyum

Mariana Cordoba

The hugely popular but hard to find Mariana Cordoba made her larger than life, presence known on the internet last year and it’s taking us that long to secure a proper shoot from her. I’ve had numerous requests to get this model and I’m happy to present her to you.

23yrs old and normally based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. None of these photos have been manipulated and as far as I know, she hasn’t done anything to increase the size of her cock unlike some Brazilian models. More at Shemaleyum

Mariana Cordoba Mariana Cordoba stroking

There’s Shemales, and there’s Massive Shemales, but there’s only one Mariana Cordoba! This babe got the biggest shemale cock on this planet. Mariana got a visit from her friend Nicole Montero last year, and Nicole made this set of hot pictures directly from Italy! I guess Mariana loves Italy and the hot italians, and since italians love big salamis, they are happy to feast on that huge shemale cock!See more of Mariana Cordoba at Shemaleyum

Mariana Cordoba in Red Nylons Big Cock Shemale Mariana Cordoba

Sexy Japanese Newhalf Secretary Works Overtime

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I hoped for this to happen the day I hired lovely Japanese newhalf, Maria Tominaga as my secretary. She left one night after her shift, then came back an hour later, looking mad as hell. I took her into the back to find out what was wrong and it turned out|where she told me she was pissed off at this douche bag she’d been set up with. Before I knew it, she got this look in her eye, and started taking off her clothes, showing me those gorgeous titties and her cute newhalf dick. Guess what ended up happening next?

Skinny Latina T-girl Takes Off Her Undies

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You aren’t going to believe how lucky I got this afternoon. I was at the grocery store, buying some tampons for my girl, when the clerk started hitting on me. Her name was Sydney, a gorgeous red head shemale babe with a pair of lovely perky boobs. She said she was getting off soon and she’d like to get me off soon after. Well shit, I guess my girl’s tampons can wait a few minutes. I won’t ever forget the gorgeous shemale dick this babe whipped out and began stroking!