Khloe Hart’s skirt

Khloe Hart’s skirt

I don’t know if anyone else out there is an ‘upskirt’ fan, but I love shots like this! Especially when it a fine Shemale like Khloe Hart! There’s something very erotic about knowing a girl is walking around with a nice secret under her skirt… If you can’t tell, these are a couple more pictures from Khloe’s photoshoot on TranSex Domination from a few posts ago with the tight red PVC skirt! Just imagine Khloe walking in front of you and bending over to give you a glimpse of her goods… got that picture? Maybe you’ll join me as an upskirt fan now!

Khloe Hart’s skirt

Luscious African Shemale Cutie Tries To Become Part The Slam Crew

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She’s been writing poetry ever since she could hold a crayon, and she’s one of the hottest around. Her name is Africa and she’s got one of the most perfect bodies I’ve ever seen. After the poetry was over, we ended up back at her house where she revealed some work that not everyone gets to see. She came out the bathroom in a sheer black dress that revealed her perky bosoms and throbbing shemale dick. If the erotic audition she gave me means anything, she’ll be on the team in no time!


Delicious Thai Ladyboy Is Always Horny

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Erotic Thai ladyboy Honey and I know each other really well. Yesterday, she confided in me about how much she gets off on posing nude for a camera, and what’s more, she wanted me to shoot some naughty pictures of her beautiful ass. I couldn’t get my eyes off of her beautiful titties and perfect booty long enough to keep the darn camera steady. She noticed I was getting turned on, and quickly began enticing me. For real, one of these days I’m certain to bang that beautiful Thai Booty!