Sweet Asian Ladyboy Cleans The Floor

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Everyone hates all the bullshit associated with kitchen cleaning. All the dust in the air and the scent of cleaning chemicals is enough to drop a girl, but Francesca is handling it well. Come see this gorgeous little Asian ladyboy with perky tits. She’s really proud of the job she did polishing the kitchen floor. It’s so clean you could eat off of it, or even strip on it. Next thing you know, she’s jerking off her lovely ladyboy dick while I watch.


Jazmine from Shemaleyum

I originally met Jazmine through Danielle Foxxx at a little Thanksgiving party at Danielle’s place. We immediately hit it off. She’s a no-bullshit kind of girl who doesn’t play any games or beat around any bushes…unless of course you want her to. She’s from Chicago (as am I) and she really is just a lot of fun and a very cool lady. Yes she’s a bit older than the usual batch of little t-newbies – and she knows that. She’s a hot t-milf and she’s not afraid to market herself that way. I was really impressed once we started shooting at the degree of nastiness she got into and at some of her unique skills. I’ve never seen a girl lactate like her before. And her ass…oh my!! It was quite inviting! She’s great and a good friend now.See more of Jazmine at Shemaleyum

Jazmine from Shemaleyum Jazmine from Shemaleyum

Nasty Red Head Transexual Primping To Have Sex

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The checkpoints were a huge hassle for this shemale. The flight was boring. The cab ride to the hotel was total bullshit. But now Erin is finally checked into her hotel room and it’s time to get down to what she came here for! See, this lovely redhead honey has flown all the way across country to surprise her man while he’s away on business. She takes off her shirt and jeans, showing off her amazing butt and monster shemale shaft. Erin is planning on getting into some sexy clothes, but she gets so horny that she just jerks her wang before she does!


Lonely Professional Tgirl With Glasses Reveals Her Petite Ass

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Did you ever think you had a crappy job, just to discover you were incorrect? Let me tell you about what happened to me. I got a job as a bellboy in a hotel in Vegas last summer and fuck, was it a pain in the ass. After a few weeks, I couldn’t take the bullshit anymore and went to talk to my boss, Jennica about resigning. Jennica is a bad ass blonde shemale with perky boobs who I’ve always wanted to nail. She started stripping her clothes off and giving me head as soon as I walked into the office. Once that happened, I went to resign at least four times a month!