Armani from Shemaleyum

Armani from Shemaleyum Armani from Shemaleyum

The first set were taken quite a while ago of this very popular girl. She’s since had a breast job and we’ll be showing them very soon.

Update March 2003 – the all new Armani with the BIGGER look in this awesome set by Vegas B!

Update 2009 – Whatever happened to Armani? I thought for sure we’d be seeing a lot more of her.

November 2009 – Armani is an amazingly beautiful girl. We have known each other for a long time here in Vegas but this was our first shoot together. She is the ultimate professional and her posing is amazing. She has appeared in mainstream magazines like Maxim and on several major TV shows as well. Despite this fame she has always been a “down to earth girl” JOIN ARMANI AT SHEMALEYUM

Armani from Shemaleyum Armani from Shemaleyum

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Asian Shemale Sayuri

Asian Shemale SayuriSayuri is a hot 21 year old tgirl from Thailand. Her parents sent her over her to get a college education. She is one of the most passable and feminine girls I have seen in awhile.
She has a very petite frame and natural shape to her hips and ass, Overall a very beautiful girl. She is versatile on occasion, but really prefers to bottom. She loves to pose in front of the camera and has done some mainstream modeling back in Thailand. In the second set she just kept changing outfits . . . she looked great in all of them.

Shemale Sayuri

Melanie from Shemaleyum

New tgirl just starting out on hormones. She was only in town for a few weeks when I saw her ad on CL and set up a shoot. Management wasn’t too happy with her sample pics but changed their tune after seeing the shoot.
I think she will be a very popular addition.
Update 2009: highly requested model who has worked exclusively for us. Started as a TV on the site … and returned as a beautiful girl in 2009. See the free Gallery below .

Melanie from Shemaleyum

Naughty Thai Ladyboy Doll Getting Naked

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It was a boring day out at the mall when I sighted this beautiful Thai ladyboy. This girl was so delicious, she was all I could think about the rest of the day. I could just envision getting her back to my house. I’d do anything to get my firm dick in between her sweet lips. I’d love to smack her jiggly booty and suck her cute ladyboy dick before banging her like crazy. Maybe if I had a cooler job, I could nail cute Thai ladyboys like her.


Gorgeous Black Tgirl Dom Tortures This Poor White Boy

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I almost feel bad for Arnold. His asshole boss always makes him stay late at work, so to make up the time he decides to cut through a bad area of town. As he strolls down the tracks he is assaulted by a beautiful young black girl with a knife. What makes matters worse is her plans for Arnold’s virgin ass. Once inside her hiding place she ties him up and changes into her dom outfit to play out her fantasies. Check out this scene to see what she has in mind for Arnold. Working late cost poor Arnold more than a few hours out of his day. It cost him his ass!


Jamie Page

“Jamie Page is the cousin of YUM models Carmen Moore and Mya. She is a Native American Indian (Navajo Tribe) and a beautiful girl. She is primarily a bottom but tops on occasion (only if she can be REALLY dominant to the guy). She is very sexual and she amazed me with what she did with a double headed dildo in our second set of this shoot.”

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Jamie Page Jamie Page Jamie Page