Armani from Shemaleyum

Armani from Shemaleyum Armani from Shemaleyum

The first set were taken quite a while ago of this very popular girl. She’s since had a breast job and we’ll be showing them very soon.

Update March 2003 – the all new Armani with the BIGGER look in this awesome set by Vegas B!

Update 2009 – Whatever happened to Armani? I thought for sure we’d be seeing a lot more of her.

November 2009 – Armani is an amazingly beautiful girl. We have known each other for a long time here in Vegas but this was our first shoot together. She is the ultimate professional and her posing is amazing. She has appeared in mainstream magazines like Maxim and on several major TV shows as well. Despite this fame she has always been a “down to earth girl” JOIN ARMANI AT SHEMALEYUM

Armani from Shemaleyum Armani from Shemaleyum

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