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Melissa is a sweet young English Shemale who hails from a leafy suburb in Surrey. As you can see from the photographs and video she is extremely cute and has a lovely body… New to the scene as she has just got her new boobies in a couple of months back. Soon to be moving to London… Great fun, very lively and wants to be a porn star. mmm nice . See more of Shemale Melissa on Shemaleyum

Melissa on Shemale Yum Melissa on Shemale Yum

Kama from Shemaleyum


“Introducing sexy Shemale Kama this little gem comes from Port St Lucie on the Florida East Coast she a very friendly easy outgoing person, it was Kama’s 1st time in front of the camera she was a little nevous at first then got right into it, I am glad I was the 1st to shoot her hope we can do some more in the near future. Kama is a rare bird and is totally verstile in her sexual desires she loves it all, males, females and yes other transsexuals, You need to go right now and check out Kama’s amazing cock in the photos and video”

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Kama from Shemaleyum Kama from Shemaleyum

Chrissy on Shemaleyum


Cute new Shemale from New Jersey who was urged to contact the site by her boyfriend. Very natural Tgirl next door type who who grew up as a girl, having been born intersexed. She said her breasts grew naturally as a young teen. Very friendly with a nice personality…hope we’ll see more of her!

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Chrissy on Shemaleyum

The Return of Shemale Olivia Love


“Olivia Love is one of the most recognisable faces in TS erotica having done 100’s of vidoes and website appearances in her career. We were very lucky to get this set as she was friends with Al, the photographer, her fees were normally higher than we could afford for the time.

An immensely popular addition to the site she soon retired from the video business and relocated (Florida I believe). I had the pleasure of meeting her on a number of occassions and found her to an extremely nice lady.”

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Olivia Love

Hazel Tucker 2009


Hazel Tucker Hazel Tucker

Hazel Tucker

Photographed by : Buddy Wood

First appearance : 4th July 2008

Latest appearance : 23rd January 2009

Location when last shot : Los Angeles

Other appearances : none known.

Hazel contacted the site and then came out to L.A. for a little visit from – Connecticut or Massachusetts – somewhere where they don’t make porn or have a lot of trannys. I was immediately blown away. I went to pick her up at the airport and actually drove by her twice wishing that the hot genetic girl I saw was her. And it was!! Completely passable. Just look at that face. Very sexual and one of my favorite new muses. Teeny weeny but ohh what a delicious and inviting ass. Believe me. Lots more of her to come.

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Hazel Tucker Hazel Tucker

This Amazing Busty Transexual Packs A Massive Dick


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It might be a good plan to adjust your monitor settings for this shit here. I’m not sure if that massive shemale dick is going to fit on your screen. I just found this amazing blonde shemale named Melissa who gets off on wearing black fishnet stockings and playing with her perfect body. Just watch her jack off that monster off and see how large it gets. You’d better be prepared to get it stuffed up your booty, ’cause that’s just what she is looking forward to.


Harley Quinn


“I met Harley Quinn through AFF and I was very excited to find a new model for our members. She is into cosplay and attend many conventions where she can be found modeling. She was very fun to work with and we talked for hours about gaming, anime, and music. She is into both girls and guys so you can imagine the fun that awaits with this young beauty!!!

Here is what she had to say:

“Hey Guys,
I’m Harley Quinn and I was born and raised in Virginia. I am 5’5 and 117lbs. I’m as humble and sweet as apple pie. I’m getting a bit older being that I’m 19 yrs. old now and I am really hoping to lose my anal virginity soon. I’m new at this whole nude modeling, but I hope you enjoy it!! ”

Harley Quinn Harley Quinn Harley Quinn

Kelly Shore


“Kelly Shore is a very well known and sought after model with having done very little work – as of yet. But that’s all about to change. She’s made a name for herself on the forums and chat room in the the tg community and she’s been an advocate and spokesperson within the community for many years as well. Now she’s decided to turn that good girl status into something a little more fun and lucrative. And we’ll all benefit. She was great to work with and a real natural. I can’t wait to get her on DVD because she’s one of those girls that gets real turned on every time I pull out the video camera. A star is born. Enjoy.” See more of Kelly Shore at ShemaleYum

Kelly Shore Kelly Shore Kelly Shore

Devon Delirium


“Hi I’m devonDELIRIUM and I’m from New Jersey but I have lived in many different places including Cali, Texas & Florida. I’m a freelance cosmetologist & web cam model. I’m 19 years old, 5’10” and I weigh 130lbs and I have an A-cup. For the most part I like really chill music like Amy Winehouse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Death In Vegas, Perfume Tree. I’m also totally into the local music scene. I’ve only had sex a few times, but from what i can tell I am a bottom. I like being dominated and having rough sex. Things that turn me on include tall guys(yum), piercings, tattoos, vampires & blood, foreskin, ethic men, middle eastern men in particular, and of course guys that are romantic.’

devonDELIRIUM was very laid back and we spent hours just talking and listening to music. Despite her spending copious amounts of time in front of her webcam performing for clients she was still rather nervous when it came down to business. She did start to loosen up, and was anxious to make sure she was delivering the eye-candy she knows the admirers would want. I think we can look forward to seeing more of her in the future as she mentioned she enjoyed playing around with the dildo and wanting to do a hardcore on camera”

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Devon Delirium Devon Delirium Devon Delirium

Gorgeous Dark Transexual Jacks Off That Stiff Dick


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Did you ever meet one of those creepy looking emo girls at the club and imagined how she looked nude? I always figure that underneath all the black lace and pale makeup is a slutty shemale like Alexis here. Just look at her gorgeous boobs as she lays out on the couch, jerking off her sweet shemale shaft. Man, I really want to take this chick by her choker and pound her booty until she made me spooge.