Hazel Tucker 2009

Hazel Tucker Hazel Tucker

Hazel Tucker

Photographed by : Buddy Wood

First appearance : 4th July 2008

Latest appearance : 23rd January 2009

Location when last shot : Los Angeles

Other appearances : none known.

Hazel contacted the site and then came out to L.A. for a little visit from – Connecticut or Massachusetts – somewhere where they don’t make porn or have a lot of trannys. I was immediately blown away. I went to pick her up at the airport and actually drove by her twice wishing that the hot genetic girl I saw was her. And it was!! Completely passable. Just look at that face. Very sexual and one of my favorite new muses. Teeny weeny but ohh what a delicious and inviting ass. Believe me. Lots more of her to come.

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Hazel Tucker Hazel Tucker